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Missionary Blogs exists to help missionaries communicate with their support communities.
While Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other sites are open to the public, missionaryblogs.ca exists to create a direct communication link between the missionary, and the individuals who are specifically interested in his/her missionary work.
This blog site will help the missionary in the following ways:
   ➔  Provide a growing database of updates on missional activities directed specifically to their support base.
   ➔  Be a link that they can direct new supporters to, to receive missional updates from them in order to grow their support base.
   ➔  Missionary organizations rarely provide a blogging site for their missionaries because expense, and maintenance of such sites is prohibitive in terms of money and time required.
   ➔  Popular online media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and so forth are open forums lacking any specific focus and expression of religious views can often draw a maelstrom of critical comments which can intimidate a sympathetic audience.
   ➔  Audience has access to all articles related to a specific missionary. While links to missionary organizations are required, the work of the missionary is the focus, not the organization.
For the missionary, blogs are super useful, for several reasons.
   ➔  Community: People who read blogs join small communities, and who doesn’t like the support that offers? The blog site offers direct interactions with people who are interested and support you and your work. Interactions with your blog readers can provide a real confidence boost for the author. The missionary should consider every blog reader to be part of their mission field and partner in their mission work.
   ➔  Updates: Every time you travel, write a blog post so that your readers can see what you are doing. Whether doing missions abroad or working locally, a short ministry update via a blog post keeps your readers in the know and engaged. Any type of update can be shared via blogs. It is recommended to add a link to your blog regularly on social media sites so that others can engage and support your work.
   ➔  Audience building and data gathering: Regular blog posts keep people coming to your site repeatedly to read new stuff. For missionaries, this means multiple touch points with potential supporters interested in your specific work or missional field. (Email works like this too.) Even if they do not support your project financially, they can pray for you specifically, can follow your work and can buy into your missional vision. Additionally, blog analytics can tell you what your site visitors engage with/want, which helps you tailor your posts.
   ➔  Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Blogs help with this in several capacities. For one, having regular blog posts tells Google your website is fresh. It'll get seen more often and be ranked higher than a similar site with less updates. Blog posts themselves are also a part of missional work - pages focused around a specific project can become easier to find in google searches, or refer leads when you share the posts on social media.

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